27 years of experience in 57 countries

Global professional experience gained over 27 years in 57 countries through the management of internationalisation projects of Small and medium enterprises (SME), technical assistance and co-operation with the development of partnerships within an international network of private and public sector organisations

National and International Fundrising
Project design
Project cycle management
Creation of International Consortiums for the management of co‑operation projects and technical assistance
Development and management of International networks for technical capabilities
Administrative and financial management for projects financed by National and International funds

ExperienceD project manageR

International projects 70%
national projects 20%
Technical training 10%

World-wide experience in international projects


to have an international approach which is open to the continuous development of private and public sector relationships and partnerships in order to share experiences, competences, projects and sustainable and inclusive development ideas


To encourage the creation of international consortiums made up of public and private sector operators in order to create and manage projects financed by national and international donors, technical assistance, co‑operation to develop and internationalise companies, no profit organisations and public institutions